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Strength - Mobility - Balance

Premier Pilates

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Ken Schlieman, Owner

I was lucky enough to grow up with a Pilates studio in my home and have appreciated the practice ever since. I get to change lives for a living, which I find incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. As an experienced and certified instructor, I firmly believe in the positive benefits that Pilates can bring to all areas of our lives. When you take a class at Premier, you will experience a calm and welcoming atmosphere as well as a well-rounded workout. Are you ready to make a change? 




Pilates is a system of exercise that focuses on abdominal and back strength, posture, balance, and mobility. Pilates has been around since the German founder, the late Joseph Pilates, came to America in the 1940s and opened an exercise studio in NYC. His initial devotees consisted of dancers and performing artists like George Balanchine and Martha Graham.

Pilates has grown in popularity due to modern-day celebrity followers, but Physical Therapists have long since acknowledged the importance of treating postural imbalances to alleviate orthopedic conditions, and now agree that Pilates can be both an intense workout with curative properties as well as a powerful healing tool.



The Pilates Reformer was invented in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates. It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform that rolls back and forth on wheels. The platform is called a carriage and it helps keep your spine in a safe and neutral position during your workout. The reformer uses springs as adjustable resistance, which can help make exercises both easier or harder depending on how they're used. The springs help to modify the workout for different skill levels and body types. You'll also find that there are shoulder blocks on the carriage to you stabilize yourself to maintain control. At the end of the reformer is a padded foot bar. Depending on the exercise, your feet or hands can be placed on this bar. The reformer also has long straps with looped handles on them that your feet or hands can be placed in; these are at the top of the carriage by the shoulder blocks.

While this may sound overwhelming, the instructors at Premier will make you feel comfortable by helping you set up before class, making all of your adjustments during class, and answering any questions afterward. 


Monthly Membership

Individual: $150

Couple: $250

Class Packages

1 Class: $16

10 Classes: $155

20 Classes: $300

30 Classes: $435




Darren Joffs, DPT

"I began at Premier Pilates for my own health because of multiple medical issues. I was so impressed by my own sessions that we became the first skilled nursing facility (Landmark Care Center) in the country to purchase a studio reformer and wall tower from Balanced Body. As a Physical Therapist, I have taken the principles of Joseph Pilates and introduced them in each treatment session in order to improve core control and the stability necessary for improved function. In addition to these benefits, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in back and shoulder pain as the clients have improved their posture and ability to maintain the proper alignment for the body's natural design.

We are fortunate to have a studio and incredible instructor here in Central Washington that is as good or better than the high-priced studios in New York. Take the advice of someone who sees the results of poor core control and posture and take an Intro Class at Premier. Your body will thank you."

Rick & Linda Linneweh

"Athletic activity has been a part of my life for 7 decades; but, I want to tell you,  Pilates has brought a whole new dimension to me.   With its focus upon the muscles of the body’s core,  and its variety of muscle stretching routines, this is some of the best my body has felt as a result of exercise."

"I began Pilates years ago to strengthen my back.   I was also aware knee problems were in my future.   When I had knee surgery, the strength in my leg and knee muscles aided my recovery.   Because Pilates workouts build muscle memory, I was helped both pre and post-surgery with maintaining good balance.   Thank you, Pilates for keeping me moving through life in a healthy way."

Bill Dolsen

"After struggling with severe back pain for several years, I had my back “fused” in the fall of 2011.   During one of my follow-up appointments a few months later, I asked my surgeon “What can I do for a fitness program.”   Their reply was I will do Pilates so I can strengthen my “core muscles”.  If you don’t keep your core strong, you risk the chance of having more surgeries, I was told.   That was all I needed to hear and I started looking into Pilates classes in the Spring of 2012.   


After just a few classes I could feel the difference in my flexibility, strength, and general demeanor.  Pilates has kept me active and given me back a piece of my life I’ve missed far too long.   I’m no longer hesitant to do things I’ve avoided in the past.  


As far as a “structured fitness program’ I feel Pilates is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. I wish I would have started doing it 30 years ago"

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