Studio Policies

Here at Premier, we're pretty easy going. But in order for business to run smoothly for everyone, we have a few rules that we ask you to follow.

1. Being on time means being a little early. You'll need adequate time to get set up for your class. Coming into class late can be a huge disruption for your instructor and fellow students. On top of that, most of our classes have waitlists. If you aren't on time the chances are good that we'll give your spot to someone else. 

2. Class is a "No Phone Zone". We understand if you're on-call for work, but otherwise please leave your phone on silent with the rest of your belongings.

3. Late cancels are a real bummer around here. With most classes being full, and several that have waitlists, it's only fair that you give us adequate notice before cancelling your class so we can give your spot to the next person in line. We ask that you notify us at least 8 hours before your class. For reference, that would be a 9:30pm cutoff for a 5:30am class, and a 8:30am cutoff for a 4:30pm class. If you late cancel your class, you will be charged a $5 fee for that spot.

4. In the gym, we ask that you don't let your weights slam. If the load is too heavy for you to control, it's too heavy for you to lift. Use less weight and set them down gently in between reps. This keeps our classes and our neighbors happy, too.

5. All of our clients are like family around here. We LOVE to hear about your jobs, families, hobbies, etc., but please leave the stories for before and after class. Our group classes take a lot of concentration. Too much chit-chat can make that challenging for everyone.

6. If you're feeling sick (even just a little bit), please stay home. We will not charge you for missing a class when you're sick. Anything that's contagious spreads like wildfire around here. So do your body (and the rest of us) a favor and rest.

7. Please no gum in the studio. That feels pretty self-explanatory.

8. If you want water, we have a vending machine (that does take credit cards) as well as a water fountain. We do not provide cups or bottles, so make sure to bring your own.