This is Your Life. Make it Count!

After spending the majority of my 20’s and well into my 30’s living the city life (Seattle to be exact—and yes it does rain as much as you think), it was time for change. More likely than not, most of you reading this have dealt with your fair (or not-so-fair) share of change and uncertainty in adult life. I consider myself pretty well-versed in the art of change—that is until I decided to uproot my life and move back to the smaller town where I was raised. Yakima was calling me home. Making the conscious decision to leave behind the lifestyle I was accustomed to was not spontaneous. It took time and most of all patience. In considering a lifestyle change, one thing I held on tight to was the bond I had with the fitness community in the city. Barre was my workout of choice and I had been taking classes from the same studio for six years. At the time, I could not imagine leaving that behind as it was a huge part of my overall wellness and happiness. It was my outlet. But growingly so, I found myself finding it harder to make a commitment to getting my workouts in regularly. I often felt too exhausted from long days at work and hours wasted in traffic congestion getting to and from the office. I also deeply missed my family back home. I began trading in my workouts for sleeping in an extra hour. For evenings spent curled up on the couch with take-out and wine in hand watching hours of TV. For phone calls with loved ones who I did not get to talk to or see as often as I’d like. Each time I did make it to a workout I felt so good after. So why wouldn’t I go more often? Well, it’s because I was full of excuses. When I let myself explore the why behind the excuses I was able to look deeper within to the core of what was really going on. I had let fear hold me back and I was imperfectly stuck. I had conflicting and mixed emotions. My mind anticipated change on the horizon, my body felt it, and my soul was screaming at me to take that leap of faith and the rest will play out. So that is exactly what I did. I got clear on what I value most in life. Once I made my decision it was full speed ahead. Living in the same town as family was comforting. It was also important for me to stay active and reward my body with proper nutrition. In preparing for my move, I began researching gyms and workout studios in Yakima, specifically for Barre. I wondered, what would taking a Barre class from a different studio be like? Will there be acceptance? Will there be a support group? I was out of my comfort zone. In my online search, I came across Premier Fitness Studio. I was impressed. I took the plunge and purchased a membership so that I could continue to do a workout I truly enjoy. I went on to follow Premier’s Facebook page so I could gain a sense of belonging within the fitness community I was about to join. Then one evening, I saw a post about a need for an Office Manager at the very studio I was determined to make my second home. I had flirted with the idea of changing my career path all together and aligning myself closer to what I connect to naturally. And what better time than the present? I love writing and Barre and I now get to do both in my daily work! Unexpected lifestyle changes for the good

Eating well

Two weeks in and Whole Foods and PCC withdrawals never had a chance to kick in with weekly clean eating individual serving meals prepared local by Rich Sister’s Catering. I love the option of delicious and nutritious meals already prepared and ready to eat. This combined with the natural foods section at Rosauers are a dream for this former city girl who is all about convenience.


My addiction with Barre continues. I broke out of my comfort zone and jumped into the unknown. After my first class with Jackie I was addicted. I am now going several times per week (more on my Barre experience at Premier to come).

Next came Pilates, which until this week, I had not tried before. I took the “Intro to Pilates” class and I am in awe with how harmoniously it will incorporate with my Barre workouts. My spine is already thanking me—take that, scoliosis! You have to start somewhere Change is not something we can practice going through and do so perfectly…ever. With each new change that presents itself comes new challenges, opportunities, and life lessons. From this experience, I’ve learned that wellness starts from within. My relocation was hard—physically and emotionally—greeted with many layers on both the surface level and deep within my core being. I am still settling in and working through these layers, defining my new reality. Each day is humbling and is showing me a path that continues to open in many ways. As my journey in life shapes and continues, so does my journey within the studio. I will be adding Pilates into my weekly workout routine and also trying out Cy-Core and the Gym for the first time here at Premier. What small step will you take today towards creating a better lifestyle for you? After all, this is your life. Now, let’s make it count. Curious to know what it’s like to take group classes for the first time beyond what the class descriptions say? Over the next several weeks, I will be taking you through my own experience as a newbie. Stay tuned and I look forward to continuing to build connections within the awesome Premier Fitness community!

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